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* Charleston Vacation Rentals By Owner was developed with vacation property owners in the Charleston area in mind and their needs as our main focus. Unlike other web sites we are going after this market exclusively as opposed to marketing vacation property rentals all over the world. CVRBO.com attracts increased traffic to your web page as a result of promoting our vacation rental by owner directory for the Charleston area via timely search engine indexing. Cross promotion of our web site in other medias is done to establish and maintain the premise that CVRBO.com and by extension your vacation home is the vacation destination of choice in the Charleston area.

* This strategic rifle-shot targeting of the Charleston market generates far more hits to your individual web page than the hit or miss shotgun type promotion that other vacation property rental web sites presently employ. We are not trying to be the largest vacation rental web site in the world. Our goal, simply stated, is to be the greatest single source of rental inquiries for renting your Charleston area vacation rental property.

* Your listing will not have to compete against vacation property management company listings on this web site. CVRBO.com neither knowingly solicits nor will accept listings from these or other commercial type vacation rental entities. We will, however, under most circumstances accept 2nd party listings for designated property representatives on single properties. We are vacation property owners ourselves and understand your needs and concerns.

* Our web site was carefully designed to create a "one stop shopping mall" for Charleston vacation shoppers with a variety of area vacation properties to choose from. Automobile dealers enjoy the mutually increased sales that results from the synergy created when they congregate their dealerships in an easily accessed "motor mile" marketing area. Inclusion of your property on this site guarantees your fair share of inquiries.

* Appropriate thought and preparation went into the web site design to assure that your individual property would not be lost in an endless list of available properties nor hidden away in a gigantic data base dependent upon a magical formula of key words to pull your property out of some dusty old vault of properties. Even as this site grows, the layout, map, and index provides a degree of distinction for individual listings to stand out from other listings.

* FEATURE LISTINGS: For an additional $95/year we will include your listing in our FEATURED LISTING window on the front page. We will list only 10 properties in this space. Each time the page loads, one of the 10 photos will be randomly displayed.

* All web page creation is free of charge and will include up to 3 color photos, links to e-mail addresses, and web counters for tracking of your web page activity. Periodic text and price changes are free of charge.

* Additional photographs can be added to your web page for a one-time, non-recurring $35 fee to optimize and post 3 additional photos.

Send prints to the following address:

2165 Wappoo Hall Road
Charleston, SC 29412

Send digital photos to: webmaster@cvrbo.com, along with posting order instructions.


12 month listing: Only $150

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